Meet Olessya 

Truth Seeker & Dream Driven Soul 

My journey in search of who I am and my purpose in this life has been a long and winding road, for which I am immensely grateful. Each person I have met, every place I have lived, every job, and every experience has brought me to where I am today, and this journey is ongoing.

I was born in Kazakhstan during a time of political upheaval, and not surprisingly, breaking free from the limiting beliefs and socially acceptable ‘must do's has since become a driving force in my life.

After studying fashion design in Paris, and completing a Bachelor's degree in International Business in Helsinki, I threw myself into the world of high-end fashion. Over the next 10 years, I lived a life many would dream of, working with talented designers and glamorous magazines. I was a special guest with front-row seats at fashion shows. I wrote a book about style, and most importantly, I found my own way to help people express themselves, finding their inner-self through their style.

To the outside world I was successful, and yet ... something was missing.



One day, while unpacking a box of freshly printed books, I experienced a very strange feeling. The word “enough" resounded in my head. I was thrown into a state of panic. What did “enough” mean? I had just published a book, I was planning a European tour and had been offered a lucrative teaching position. What followed was a huge turning point for me.

Life leads me to a retreat in Thailand, which had a deep impact on my understanding of the world, and for the next two years, I immersed myself in study and mindfulness. It was a powerful reboot and a chance to clean out what was unnecessary in myself and my life.

Giving up my beloved career was a tough but necessary decision, and turned me towards who I am and my deepest purpose.


I continuously practice the mindfulness techniques that have helped me to free myself from old beliefs that have limited me throughout my life. Through meditation, I have learned to distinguish my ideas from the programmed scenarios of the mind, and finally I have learned to listen to myself and consciously choose the direction of my life.


I finally know how to experience a feeling of lightness, freedom, and peace in my soul. I feel stronger, more purposeful, honest with myself and ready to continue this new and exciting chapter of my life journey! Sharing what I have learned and helping others achieve their goals and finding a sense of peace and joy has become something that I naturally do.


I look forward to connecting with you!